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How We're Different

saving you time and money

Chiropractic is like a screwdriver.

Dr. Donaldson has often said "Chiropractic is like a screwdriver". What he means by this is that you should use chiropractic care like you do a screwdriver. While chiropractic is a powerful tool in helping people resolve their health issues, it is not "the" answer. True health is also dependent upon good nutrition, exercise, and spiritual reflection. Using chiropractic alone to get healthy is like trying to build a house using only a screwdriver. Many different tools are necessary.

Not made of time and money?

The number one complaint that patients have about chiropractic is that they started treatment and their chiropractor wanted them to come back again and again with no end. Dr. Donaldson has maintained that chiropractic is not a religion. You will get better or you won't. If Dr. Donaldson can't help you then he will refer you to someone that hopefully can. The focus should be placed on resolving your health issues and adopting a healthy lifestyle that will keep you healthy, not how many times can you get adjusted.

We Succeed When You Don’t Have To Come Back

Dr. Donaldson measures success by the number of patients that no longer need to see him. He may not be able to solve all of your problems immediately, but we don’t waste your time.

Donaldson chiropractic will never push you into a long-term treatment plan or extend services that are not in your best interest.  Our focus is on understanding your condition and resolving it.

We Will Provide Appropriate Treatment Right Away

If you don’t want a “come back again and we’ll start a treatment plan” routine, then you’ll appreciate Dr. Donaldson’s approach.  In almost every circumstance you will receive treatment right away - on your first visit.